A Typically British Affair

The BMW PGA Championship started today, Thursday 22nd May, at Wentworth Golf Club so our IJP Ambassadors Ian Poulter, Daniel Brooks and Graeme Storm are back on home soil. Over the next four days of the Championship we are celebrating all things British, from the Royal Family to the Great British cuppa and of course our IJP Design Collections, which are all designed in the UK.

Starting today we invite you to ‘Live like a Prince’ in honour of the British Royal Family. We're offering you a £20 voucher* when you buy any item from our Ambassador looks. CLICK HERE to shop our Ambassador looks.

Friday 23rd May - It isn’t a secret that Brits love a good bargain, so today we urge you to embrace the British spirit and check www.ijpdesign.com for a great bargain. We offered 10% off our Limited Edition Tour items while Ian was on his first nine holes of the day (8.30-11am) and now we're offering an extra 10% off all shirts while he is on his back 9. CLICK HERE to shop our shirts.

If there is one thing British people are best known for other than period dramas and our ‘posh accents’ it’s the great British cuppa. We love a good cuppa tea and to celebrate we're offering free delivery on all our Quintessentially British crested items (men's and women's) on Saturday 24th May. Don’t miss out on this offer and wear your crest with pride. CLICK HERE to shop Quintessentially British Items.

As the BMW PGA Championship draws to an end at Wentworth on Sunday 25th May we'll be running a special Sunday Sale. When it comes to queuing we Brits do it best, too polite to push in we could stand in a queue all day. Although we seem to love waiting around you shouldn’t have to. You can get over 50% off selected items all day Sunday, so for one day only try to ignore your instincts that tell you to wait a bit longer and grab the deals with both hands.

Check our website for more information on our deals each day.

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