Hannah Burke

Hannah Burke

Date of Birth:
World Rank:
14th on the Ladies European Tour
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    Height 5' 4" (wishing it said 5' 8")

    Size 8

    DOB - 28/03/1988

    Goals for 2015 Tournament win, top 10 order of merit, putting average under 30.

    Favourite food Pretty much anything but every girls favourite CHOCOLATE

    Favourite film Toss up between finding Nemo or Despicable Me (yes my DOB is correct)

    Best part of your game Accuracy. High fairways and greens hit in regulation.

    What’s your next event? Buick invitational in Shanghai. 

    If you weren’t a professional golfer what would you want to be? Probably a PE teacher 

    Favourite club in the bag? Driver. Ping G30
    Who would you choose to hole a 10ft putt to save your life? My brother Joe
    What’s your favourite meal? Roast dinner 
    What do you miss most about the UK when you’re away? My family and my own bed. 

    Ever had any cooking disasters? Cooking I'm not too bad at but baking isn't my strong point. Burnt cookies are a speciality of mine. 

    Favourite golf specific exercise? Wide arm pull up
    Would you recommend working out for golf to amateur golfers? I defiantly would. Not only do you feel the physical benefits but I think it has multiple mental benefits. Pushing your body to its limits, self confidence and the feel good factor on the first tee. 

    If you could go back in time what would you want to go and see? Tough one. Walk with/run away from dinosaurs or England win the 1966 World Cup 

    If you could be an animal what would you be and why? My cat Len. He is spoilt! 
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Career best finish - 2nd Lowest round - 64 Stroke Average - 73