June sees the launch of #IJPTeamwork the third of our #IJPMindset campaigns. #IJPTeamwork is all about coming together and being apart of a team. The quote "Hearing the roars ring out from the crowds, you stand a little taller and you know; this isn't over" focuses on feeling confident and knowing that the crowd (or your friends) are behind you, supporting you to achieve. Our clothing is designed not only to help you look great but help you feel great too.  

We'd like you to get into the #IJPTeamwork mentality and get your friends together for a round of golf and send us your pictures. We'll choose the best photo that represents #IJPTeamwork and the winner will receive a special prize!

You can email your pictures in to [email protected], facebook us or tweet us @IJPDesign with the #IJPTeamwork.

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