Poulter Stride Winners!

Congratulations to our Poulter Stride winner Angela Bostick! We loved the effort that went into making this picture and the result is fantastic. Angela has won a £500 IJP Design voucher to be used on www.ijpdesign.com. BMf08SyCEAAWqZ8.jpg-large Our other winners are listed below. We will be in contact with everyone very shortly. Thank you to everyone who sent in their photos. Picking winners was near impossible! £100 voucher winners: Michael Thompson, Steve Ring, Jessica Hall, David Rutley, and James Emmanuele. £20 voucher winners: Chris Bingham, Luca Winterton, Kevin Nicholls, Chris Rajnisz, Will Davenport, Barry Harper, Michael Mernone, Pascal Launay, Sam Findley, Matt Little, and Stephen Greatbanks. We will be in contact with you all very soon but if you want to email us at [email protected] or tweet us for more information then please feel free to do so.
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