Poulter's Perfect Par 5

We're offering 5 fantastic deals on five products for five days. Each deal will only be available for one day so please be quick if you don't want to miss out!

Thursday We're starting the promotion off with deal one, the perfect drive. It splits the fairway in two and as a bonus you've just outdriven all of your friends by 20 yards! Deal one is 50% off on our plain crested shirt, available in pink and purple. 

Friday Deal two is a perfectly placed lay up leaving you with your favourite yardage to the green. We'll be offering more than 50% off our Dynamo Jumper in Poulter purple (Ultramarine). 

Saturday You've just hit a very sensible approach over water to an undulating green. Phew! To celebrate we'll be offering 50% off one of Ian's favourite shirts, the Albatross in a dark berry colour. 

Sunday Deal four is an excellently judged pace putt over 'mini golf style' undulations. We'll be offering over 50% off the stunning Paragon jumper, available in charcoal and ink. 

Monday All the hard work is over now, leaving you with a stress free tap in to finish up your par. Congratulations! We'll be offering over 50% off our classic crest V jumpers in ink and purple. 

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